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Part of a local community group or organization that is looking to get involved with a good cause? Why not have your club help spread the word about our groundbreaking initiative. Groups that are perfect for helping the Army of Women with ideas like the ones below are:

  • Churches, Synagogues or other religious places of worship
  • Your local PTA
  • Your local choir
  • Your local book club
  • Your local hiking/jogging/walking group

What might YOUR group be able to do to help?

  • Host your next meeting in dedication to the Army of Women.Contact for details.
  • Distribute postcards to members of your groups or download and distribute these flyers: English PDFSpanish PDF
  • If your club or organization has a Facebook or Twitter page, connect with us and share our tweets/posts:
  • If your club or organization has a website, add this AOW button on your homepage:

  • Conduct a challenge! Challenge your members to recruit a certain number of Army of Women members by a certain date and we can help provide a reward for the winner! Contact for details.
  • If your club or organization sends out e-newsletters or print newsletters or regular mailings, include a mention about the AOW. Encourage your members to sign up for the AOW and to also have THEIR friends and family sign up with this link: Share your mention with us by emailing