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Army of Women FAQ

Have questions about how the Army of Women works? We've got the answers you're looking for in our FAQs.

Current Projects




Project Title Pregnancy and Breast Cancer Risk Study

Researcher Ana Soto, M.D., Tufts University, Boston, MA

Study Summary The research team will analyze breast tissue samples from women without breast cancer. They are studying both women who have given birth (both early and later in life) and those who have not. They are specifically looking at the stroma, the breast tissue that supports the breast ducts, as they want to determine what role it plays in breast cancer. They are also going to study whether the age a woman becomes pregnant, the number of pregnancies she has had, and whether or not she has breast-fed has an affect on the stroma.

Who Can Participate? You can join the Pregnancy and Breast Cancer Risk Study if you match ALL of these MAIN categories:

• You are between 20-25 years of age and have NEVER been pregnant


You are 30 years old or younger AND have one child AND gave birth 5-6 years ago (between 2005-2006)


You are 30 years old or younger and have NEVER been pregnant


You are 50 years old or older AND premenopausal AND have NEVER been pregnant


You are 50 years old or older AND premenopausal AND your last pregnancy was at least 16 years ago (before 1995)

• You have never been diagnosed with breast (including DCIS), uterine, ovarian, or thyroid cancer

• You have not smoked in the past 5 years

• You have NEVER had breast implants

• You are NOT taking hormonal contraceptives

• You are NOT currently pregnant or breast-feeding

• You live near Boston, MA (or are willing to travel there at your own expense)

After you RSVP, the researcher will ask you additional questions to be sure that this study is a right fit for you.

What Does Participation Involve? If you are eligible and agree to participate in the Pregnancy and Breast Cancer Risk Study, you will be contacted by phone and asked questions about your pregnancy history, medical history, and smoking history to confirm your eligibility. If you are eligible for the study, the researchers will ask you to give them permission to request your medical records from your doctor. You also will be asked to meet with the researchers one time at Tufts University School of Medicine in downtown Boston. During this appointment a breast surgeon will perform 4-6 core breast biopsies, removing cells from your breast with a needle under local anesthesia. This is an outpatient procedure and usually takes approximately 20 minutes.

The researchers need to enroll 85 women in this study.

Where? Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA