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Safeguarding Volunteers

The Love/Avon Army of Women is committed to safeguarding the safety and privacy of each and every woman who joins the Army and responds to a “Call to Action.”

Research 101

The Dr. Susan Research Foundation's Army of Women is looking for volunteers to take part in the clinical research that will help us understand what causes breast cancer—and how to stop it. Because scientists have a hard time finding women to volunteer for their studies, they typically study cell lines that have been developed in their labs, samples from tissue banks, or conduct research on animals, like mice. But what happens in cell lines or mice is not the same as what happens in women. And that’s why we need YOU to take part in this revolutionary innovative research initiative.

Clinical research is essential to ending breast cancer. Clinical research includes everything from having women fill out questionnaires to analyzing blood, tissue, saliva, or urine. It provides information about how breast cancer starts in the cells in women’s bodies and it helps us understand the genetic and environmental factors that increase a woman’s risk of developing the disease. Clinical research can be a slow process. Having ready access to volunteers will help make this process go faster.

Before scientists begin a research study, they have to get approval from a review board tasked with insuring that the research is conducted in a safe and ethical manner. The Army of Women only accepts study protocols that have received this approval.

Additional Information

From Mice to Men: Understanding Scientific Methodology
This article appeared in the Fall 2007 issue of CR magazine, published by the American Association for Cancer Research.