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Join the Army of Women’s Supporting Blogger Network!

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Join the Army of Women’s Supporting Blogger Network!

Many of our bloggers have asked if they can blog about the Army of Women year round.

Well, our answer is, YES, YOU CAN!

The Army of Women is excited to create a “Supporting Blogger Network.” We will list any interested bloggers who take the pledge to blog for the Army of Women year round on the Army of Women website. Read the guidelines for the Supporting Blogger Network here.

As a Supporting Blogger for the Army of Women, we need you to use YOUR voice through your blog to spread the word about the Army of Women initiative.

Have you signed up for the Army of Women? Learn more about how to participate here.

Help us reach our goal of ONE MILLION women by taking the pledge to lend the support of your blog to encourage your followers to also sign up and be part of this important initiative.

Get Started Today!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the extremely sensitive nature of the Army of Women mission and goal, we reserve the right to refuse the promotion of bloggers that include vile, profane, and/or pornographic text/images. The Army of Women reserves the right to deem any blog that exhibits questionable content, inappropriate, and therefore may refuse to recognize that blog as part of the Army of Women Supporting Blogger Network.