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Read this article on the Neuroendocrinology website.

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Zeitzer, J. M., Nouriani B., Neri E. and Spiegel D. Neuroendocrinology , September 2014

Study Information...

Read this article on the Journal of Community Genetics website.

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Ochs-Balcom HM, Jandorf L, Wang Y, Johnson D, Meadows Ray V, Willis MJ, Erwin DO. Journal of Community...

Read this article on the Clinical Breast Cancer website.

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Sheppard V.B., O'Neill S.C., Dilawari A., Horton S., Hirpa F.A., and Isaacs C. Clinical Breast Cancer, ...

Read this article on the Annals of Behavioral Medicine website.

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Owen JE, PhD, MPH,corresponding author Bantum EO, PhD, Gorlick A, MA, and Stanton AL, PhD Annals of...

Read this article on the Cancer website.

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Bower J. E., Crosswell A. D., Stanton A. L., Crespi C. M. , Winston D., Arevalo J. , Ma J. , Cole S. W. and Ganz P. A. . Cancer...

Read this article on the Annals of Surgical Oncology website.

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Torres D1, Myers JA, Eshraghi LW, Riley EC, Soliman PT, Milam MR. Annals of Surgical Oncology, June 2015...

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