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A Mindfulness Meditation-Based Intervention for Younger Breast Cancer Survivors

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(310) 267-4423

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Division of Cancer Prevention and Control Research, A2-125 CHS
90095-6900 Los Angeles , CA
United States

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Julienne E. Bower, Ph.D.;Annette Stanton, Ph.D.; Sarosh Motivala, Ph.D.; Catherine Crespi, Ph.D.
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This study will include: 1) 60 women diagnosed with early, resectable breast cancer (Stage 0, I, II, or III) prior to age 50; and 2) have completed treatment with surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy at least 3 months previously. We will focus on women at least 3 months post-treatment to control for treatment effects on the biomarkers of interest. Because women may benefit from stress management many years after treatment, we will include women up to 10 years since treatment completion, and will include this as a control variable in our analyses. We recognize that many women will be receiving adjuvant endocrine therapies and/or herceptin and will also control for these variables. Women will only be excluded for the following reasons: 1) have a breast cancer recurrence, metastasis, or another cancer diagnosis (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer); and 2) unable to commit to intervention schedule.

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2011-07-05 09:45:28