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THRIVORS: Physical Activity Platform to Improve Bone Health in Breast Cancer Survivors

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Participant recruitment (what is this?)
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(651) 587-5440

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Thrivors + OHSU + Univ of MN
Thrivors: 2335 Buford Ave
55108 Saint Paul , MN
United States

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Kerri Winters-Stone, PhD - Endowed Chair at Oregon Health Sciences University Doug Yee, MD - Director of the Masonic Cancer Center, University of MN Cathy Skinner, MA, - CEO, Thrivors Inc
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Inclusion Criteria 1. Female participants diagnosed at 40 - 70 years with non- metastatic breast cancer. 2. Able to provide written informed consent. 3. Completed chemotherapy, undergoing adjuvant hormonal therapy. 4. Not currently on a prescribed exercise plan and cleared for exercise by physician. 5. Access to a smart phone (with a data plan), tablet, or computer (with internet access). 6. Able and willing to comply with the protocol, including completion of all surveys. Exclusion Criteria 1. Less than 4 weeks post-surgery. 2. Diagnosis of osteoporosis. 3. Currently participating in two or more 30-min. sessions/ week of resistance or impact exercises. 4. Specific condition(s) or diagnosis, both physical or psychological, or physical exam finding that precludes participation in a physical exercise program. 5. Participant has hemodynamically significant heart disease (e.g., heart failure) or an arrhythmic heart condition requiring medical therapy. 6. Employees or family members of the investigator, study site, or sponsor directly involved with study management. 7. Participants who, in the opinion of the primary investigator, should not participate in the study.
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