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Pathways to Wellness

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Participant recruitment (what is this?)
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(310) 825-2520

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650 Charles Young Dr S
90095 Los Angeles , CA
United States

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Patricia Ganz, MD Julienne Bower, PhD Antonio Wolff, MD Elissa Bantug, MHS Ann Partridge, MD
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Inclusion Criteria 1. Women diagnosed with early stage, resectable breast cancer (Stage 0, I, II, or III) prior to age 45, and are within 5 years of diagnosis 2.Have completed all surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy treatments at least 6 months previously. May still be receiving trastuzumab or endocrine adjuvant therapy. 3.Ability to complete evaluation surveys in English. 4. Have evidence of at least mild clinical depression on a standardized screening questionnaire. Exclusion Criteria 1.Has a breast cancer recurrence, metastasis, or another interval cancer diagnosis following the breast cancer (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer); 2. Unable to commit to intervention schedule (6 weekly group meetings) 3.Actively practicing mindfulness meditation 4.Has another serious or chronic medical or psychiatric condition that contributes to substantial physical or emotional disability that would detract from participating in either of the intervention programs or from the measurement of intervention outcomes.

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2016-12-06 14:01:40