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Financial Reports

We are proud of our strong financial management. What is more important than the money we raise is what we do with it. We are extremely careful with the dollars you entrust to our care. We spend 81% of our budget on programs and research and use 19% for operations and fundraising.

Strong financial management allows 81% of our budget to be spent on programs and breast cancer research

For more information about our financial history and spending, please review our audit reports, our Form 990, and our annual reports.

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is a GuideStar Exchange Silver Level and Charity Navigator participant.

It is only through the generous support of our donors that we are able to move breast cancer beyond a cure and eradicate it once and for all.

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation Audited Financial Statements

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation Form 990 (Tax Returns)

Form 990 is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)'s designation for the tax return that most nonprofits are required by law to submit annually. This form is used by the IRS to assess the nonprofit organization for its compliance with tax. Information contained in the form includes a summary of the organization's activities, assets, receipts, expenditures, and compensation of directors, officers, and certain employees.

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation files a Form 990 every year. The respective forms for fiscal years 2007-2013 are available to download in PDF format below. Please contact us to receive a hard copy of the most current Form 990.

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation Annual Reports