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Mission & Impact

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Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation challenges the status quo to achieve a future without breast cancer and improve the lives of people impacted by it now through education and advocacy. We drive collaborative cutting-edge research  with nontraditional partners, bring to light the collateral damage of treatment and seek ways to diminish it, and interpret science to empower patients.

We drive progress by being fast, flexible, and project-based. We actively engage the public in our scientific research to ensure that it produces accurate and meaningful results.

Here is a sampling of our key projects - and our reasons for pursuing them:

Because breast cancer happens in people, research needs to involve human beings to generate meaningful results'¦

Army of Women - Bringing together women (and men) of every ethnicity, with and without breast cancer, and those at high risk, to be a resource for leading researchers addressing critical questions.

Health of Women Study - Conducting an international online study to track significant numbers of women (and men), with and without a history of breast cancer, over time, using a series of questionnaires to delve deeply into the breast cancer conundrum.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Collateral Damage Project - Crowdsourcing information from people with metastatic breast cancer to fully understand the life-altering impact of the disease and its treatment and then develop a set of recommendations on how to improve their quality of life.


Because in order to prevent a disease, you need to understand how and where it starts'¦

Biome Study - Collaborating with a leading immunology researcher to investigate differences in the bacteria and viruses present in the breast ductal fluid of women with and without a history of breast cancer to determine whether breast cancer may be caused or prevented by an infectious agent.

Mapping the Breast Ducts Study - Joining forces with a world-renowned institution that is expert in imaging and data analysis for space exploration to figure out the uncharted anatomy of the breast ductal system so we can figure out how and where a cancer starts in women.


Because unconventional ideas pursued with unlikely partners can deliver groundbreaking results'¦

NIH-Funded Self-Reading Portable Ultrasound Study - Working with image recognition software developers, a medical device manufacturer, two major universities, and across borders, to devise an affordable, locally available way for medical practitioners in resource-challenged countries to triage women with palpable breast lumps so those with cancer can get treatment promptly.

International Symposium on the Breast - Gathering world-class researchers, clinicians, and advocates from multiple disciplines in an intimate think-tank environment to stimulate ideas, collaboration, seed-funding opportunities, and ultimately breakthroughs that will end breast cancer.


Because empowering patients with vital information requires deft interpretation, engaging presentation, and wide reach'¦

ImPatient Science - Translating breast cancer science and medicine into digestible segments of easy-to-grasp information in a series of videos featuring Dr. Susan Love.

Breast Cancer Explained ' Providing a wealth of information drawn from Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book - 'the bible for women with breast cancer' (The New York Times) on our website.

Research Worth Watching - Dr. Love breaking down current and emerging scientific research and concepts to educate patients and their families via blogs, webinars, and other digital media.

Research Ambassadors for Community Health (ReACH) - Working with local community advocates (currently in Los Angeles) to increase diversity in our research studies and bring our educational programs to underserved communities.


One more breast cancer diagnosis is one too many. We must be the generation that ends it once and for all.