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The Army of Women, an initiative of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, is dedicated to accelerating breast cancer research. Our goal is to forge partnerships between researchers and willing participants. Our volunteer base includes women and men of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and locations around the world. We have participants who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, volunteers with no history of breast cancer, and members who are considered ‘high-risk’.

How does the Army of Women work?

All researchers interested in using the Army of Women as a recruitment resource must register with the Army of Women and submit a project proposal. We accept applications for letters of support and recruitment requests for funded studies.

The Foundation research team reviews letter of support requests and, if approved, provides a letter and cost sheet for your funding application.

The Foundation research team and members of our external Scientific Advisory Committee – comprised of researchers, clinicians, and advocates – review each recruitment request, ensuring the project is feasible for the Army of Women and is ethical and safe in its design. Researchers whose studies are approved work with the Foundation research team to create content for our Army of Women study eblasts and website. Before we open recruitment for your study, we require documentation of your IRB’s approval of all materials.

When we open recruitment for your study, volunteers can self-select to participate through our eblast or directly on our Army of Women website. We want to ensure that investigators are connected with good candidates for their study. To facilitate this goal, we have all interested participants go through an initial online screening process. Participants who self-select and are deemed appropriate are then connected with the research team. We will work with you to determine the best format for connecting you with eligible volunteers.

We encourage all researchers to include both women and men in their study applications. We strongly suggest all studies seeking to enroll people with breast cancer are inclusive of all stages, including stage IV.