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Safeguarding Participants

We are committed to protecting every member of the Army of Women. Our foremost concern is protecting the safety and privacy of our participants. To facilitate this goal, we have implemented the following practices:


To safeguard the privacy of our participants, we ensure that collaborating researchers comply with all privacy guidelines required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) when working with our volunteers. 

Registration Process

We require only basic contact and demographic information to join the Army of Women. We will only share your contact information and demographics with researchers if you RSVP for a study. We do not store health information in a database and we do not maintain a specimen tissue bank.

Scientific Advisory Committee

The Foundation research team and members of our external Scientific Advisory Committee – comprised of researchers, clinicians, and advocates – review each recruitment request, ensuring the project is feasible for the Army of Women and is ethical and safe in its design. 

Institutional Review Board

All scientists and centers who work with our members must receive Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for their studies before recruitment begins. An IRB is a special committee established by an institution to review and monitor all research involving humans, to ensure that research subjects are treated safely and ethically.