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Scientific Advisory Committee

The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation has developed a Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) comprised of comprised of researchers, clinicians, and advocates. All committee members will:

  • Review all study proposals to determine if the project is ethical, safe in its design, and feasible for the Army of Women membership.
  • Serve as spokespersons and advocates for the Army of Women.

The SAC members are invited to sit on the committee because of their expertise regarding and their commitment to the eradication of breast cancer. Collaborators, including the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) and the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), nominated at least one member from within their organization. New members will be chosen with priority given to specialties needed to implement the current Army of Women strategy.


Scientific Advisory Committee Members Emeritus

We are fortunate to have worked closely with the following members over the years. During their tenure with the Army of Women, these members devoted their time and efforts to critically reviewing applications and ensuring that our volunteers only connect with high-caliber research studies.

Leslie Bernstein, PhD
Amy Bonoff (in memoriam)
Abenaa Brewster, MD, MHS
Doris Browne, MD, MPH
Christine Brunswick (in memoriam)
Patricia Ganz, MD
Albert Hollenbeck, PhD
Julia Lawrence, DO
Debbie Laxague
Judy Luce, MD
Marlene McCarthy (in memoriam)
Ramon Parsons, MD, PhD
Donna Sanderson
Vicki Tosher
Maria Wetzel (in memoriam)