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Chad Rethorst, PhD, and Madhukar Trivedi, MD, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Regular physical activity is beneficial for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, potentially reducing the likelihood of recurrence. Studies have also found exercise can help decrease fatigue, improve mood and cognition, and increase sleep quality. However, many women find it difficult to begin or maintain a regular physical activity program.

A research team from UT Southwestern Medical Center is investigating a new way to help breast cancer survivors increase their physical activity — a six-month education program, available in two Texas locations: Dallas (UT Southwestern) and Fort Worth (Moncrief Cancer Institute).

What does participation involve?

All study participants will complete at least three in-person visits: baseline (at the start), week 13, and week 25. During these visits, you will fill out questionnaires and discuss your health history, mood, sleep, and quality of life. The research team will collect a blood sample and take physical measurements.

After the baseline (first) visit, you will be randomly assigned (like flipping a coin) into one or more of the following treatments:

•  Active Living Everyday classes: This group will attend a class that meets for one hour every two weeks. This class discusses strategies for being more active. *

•  Fitbit: This group will receive a physical activity monitor (Fitbit) to track physical activity for 25 weeks.

•  Facility access: This group will receive a six-month membership to one of several participating fitness centers in the Dallas or Fort Worth area.

•  Supervised exercise sessions: This group will attend supervised exercise sessions with a trained exercise interventionist. *

* These study activities are completed at a study site.

You may be asked to participate in an optional focus group to share your experience in this research study and to provide suggestions for improving the program for future participants. This group will meet for one, 60 to 90-minute session.

Dallas (UT Southwestern) and Fort Worth, TX (Moncrief Cancer Institute)