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Comparison Study of Thrivors™ Mobile Physical Activity Platforms

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Cathy Skinner, MA, at Thrivors Inc., Doug Yee, MD, at University of Minnesota, Kerri Winters-Stone, PhD, at Oregon Health & Science University

Breast cancer treatments that block estrogen can cause bone loss, increasing the risk of a bone break or fracture. Current guidelines recommend that breast cancer survivors make lifestyle changes and increase their physical activity to help reduce bone loss. But they typically do not provide clear, specific instructions for breast cancer survivors to follow.

The purpose of this study is to develop and test a safe, effective, and individualized exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness program that can help survivors of early-stage breast cancer on an anti-estrogen therapy reduce bone loss. This new online program, called Thrivors™, provides instructions for home- or gym-based exercises, resources for nutrition and mindfulness, and educational content on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle after a cancer diagnosis. This study will compare participants' experiences using two different versions of the Thrivors™ program: ThrivorsBasic™ and Thrivors+BoneHealth(BH)™.

What does participation involve?

If you participate in this 20-week study, you will be asked questions about you and your medical history. The researchers will work with you to develop a personalized exercise program using the Thrivors™ online program.

You will be assigned to one of the following study groups:

• Group 1: Use of Thrivors+BoneHealth(BH)™ for 3 exercise sessions per week
• Group 2: Use of Thrivors Basic™ for 3 exercise sessions per week

You have an equal chance of being in either of the study groups. If you are originally assigned to the Thrivors Basic™ group, you will be allowed access to the Thrivors+BH™  for 20 weeks after completing the study.

Both Group 1 and Group 2 will be given access to a version of the following features:

• Exercise history tracking
 Bone health exercises
 Mindfulness mediations
 Direct link to email questions or concerns to the study investigator

Participants assigned to Group 2 will be given access to general health resources, while Group 1 will receive the following additional features:

 Video tool for you to record and send clips of your exercises to the study team
 Community module to post comments and questions to the Thrivors+BH™ community
 Healthy recipes from a registered dietician
 Private support group
 Bone health resources

All participants will be asked to share their experience, provide feedback, and discuss their user satisfaction through online surveys.

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