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Exploring the Effects of Genomic Testing on Fear of Cancer Recurrence among Breast Cancer Survivors

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Maurade Gormley, MSN, Gail D’Eramo Melkus, EdD, ANP, FAAN, and Allison Vorderstrasse, APRN, DNSc, MSN, RN, New York University College of Nursing, New York, NY; Bradley E. Aouizerat, PhD, New York University College of Dentistry, New York, NY; Tish Knobf, PhD, RN, AOCN, FAAN, Yale University School of Nursing, New Haven, CT; and Marilyn Hammer, PhD, DC, RN, Mount Sinai Hospital Department of Nursing, New York, NY

The purpose of this research is to learn how the results of your Oncotype Dx® test results affect your health-related quality of life; your feelings of distress, anxiety, depression, and fear; and your perceived risk of recurrence. The researchers will use these findings to develop a personalized symptom management program to help improve the quality of life of breast cancer survivors.

What does participation involve?

A research team at New York University College of Nursing will use six short questionnaires to help them learn about your thoughts about and reactions to your Oncotype Dx® test results. If you are eligible for this study, you will first have a short phone call with the research team to review the consent form and provide verbal consent. You will then receive a link to the online questionnaires. The series of questionnaires will take about 15-30 minutes to complete. The series does not need to be completed in one sitting and you may skip questions. The researchers may also ask you to participate in a phone interview at a future date. The interview is voluntary and will take approximately 20-60 minutes.

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