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Dr. Susan Love

Checkpoint Inhibitors

A new class of drugs called checkpoint inhibitors are now being studied in breast cancer clinical trials. In this video you will learn how these drugs are able to get your immune system to kill cancer cells.

Types of Clinical Trials

Every cancer treatment approved for use today was found safe and effective in a clinical trial. This video will teach you about the types of clinical trials that are being used to find the treatments that will be approved tomorrow.

Two Decades After Treatment, Bone Metastasis: How Could This Happen to Olivia Newton-John?

When I started out as a breast surgeon in the early 80’s, we thought that a diagnosis of breast cancer was an emergency. Time was of the essence, and you had to rush in and do a biopsy and immediate mastectomy to prevent a tumor from spreading to other organs. But that’s not the case. Since then, we’ve learned that cancer cells are shed into the blood stream early on. Even before the tumor can be diagnosed, they make themselves at home in other organs.

Discovery is Not a Straight Line

Research is in our name and our DNA. At Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, we seek to discover why breast cancer starts in a woman or man’s breast with the goal of using that knowledge to help us treat and ultimately prevent the disease. It is exciting, much the way setting off in a boat to discover a new land is exciting. You have a destination in mind, but along the way you may find completely unexpected places.


Breast cancer is not just one disease. Some breast tumors are HER2-positive. In this video you will learn about how tumors are tested to see if they are HER2-positive and about treatments available for women whose tumors are HER2-positive.