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Act with Love Fundraising Program Get Engaged from Anywhere, at Anytime

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As we are all well-aware, every month too many women and men are diagnosed with breast cancer. At the Foundation, we are working year-round to facilitate bold, innovative research and provide education, so people can be empowered partners in their health. Our supporters make our work possible by fundraising for us throughout the year, and from across the country.

A Letter From the CEO

Dear Friends, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is, as you likely know by now, dedicated to a future without breast cancer. For us, that means conducting research into the cause of breast cancer so we can learn how to stop it before it starts. This isn’t a popular area of research. Cure is much sexier. Cure means you’re fixing people and that makes you a savior. But “cure” also means treating cancer after it’s formed and found. We feel the price of treating cancer is simply too high.

Breast Cancer is Not a Walk in the Park

7th Annual 5K Walk/Run Directly Benefits Local Breast Cancer Research Foundation Santa Monica, CA, April 23, 2014 – Exercise is one of the best-known forms of cancer prevention, and annual event calendars are teaming with breast cancer walks and runs. There are so many choices that it is difficult to decipher which fundraising events really make a difference in eradicating breast cancer. Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation’s annual Walk with Love is serious business.

How To Plan Your Own Fundraising Event!

Now you can Act with Love by hosting a fundraising event! Put together a group of colleagues, a team, a band of family members and friends who are dedicated and passionate about supporting the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, focused on finding the cause of breast cancer. Hosting a fundraising event is a wonderful way to support a family member, friend or co-worker who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and it’s so easy to get started!