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Past webinars from our Research Webinar Series have featured researchers who collaborated with the Army of Women® for the recruitment of their studies and had results to share. These webinars allowed researchers to present and discuss results and conclusions with both study participants and other interested Army of Women members. Many of you have participated in these webinars and we are thrilled to be able to close the loop on study participation and share the results of your efforts! Building upon the success of our research results webinars, we are expanding our Research Webinar Series by featuring studies currently recruiting Army of Women members. During these webinars researchers will explain the background and significance of their studies in more detail and answer your questions.

Published November 2012

Get research results from Dr. Carpenter and her team, who conducted the “Breathe for Hot Flashes” study.

Published November 2012

Learn how Dr. Carla Finkielstein successfully transitioned from animal models to human subjects with the help of the Army of Women team.

Published September 2012

Meet Dr. Ostrer and his team and get an update on their study, “Jewish Women’s Breast and Ovarian Cancer Genetic Study.”


Published July 2012

Hear from Dr. Shelli Kesler who conducted the “Cognitive and Emotional Effects of Breast Cancer Study” to understand how breast cancer and its treatments cause problems related to attention, memory, depression, and anxiety.

You can learn more about this study here: Assessment and Treatment of Cognitive Deficits in Breast Cancer

Published February 2012

Meet Dr. Vanessa Sheppard who conducted the GAP Study to better understand the differences in breast cancer treatment experiences between African American women and white women.

Published  February 2012

Get the research results from Dr. Kelly Carpenter who conducted the Coping with Breast Cancer Study.


Published November 2011

Learn more about Dr. Monroe's Grapefruit, Hormones, and Postmenopausal Breast Cancer Risk study.


Published July 2011

Dr. Love is joined by Dr. Steve Shak, Chief Medical Officer for Genomic Health who discusses Oncotype DX, as well as other cutting-edge diagnostic options for women.


Published April 2011

This webinar helps scientists better understand how to leverage the Army of Women initiative in their breast cancer research.